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Comprehensive Bookkeeping Services in Perth WA

Do you need to outsource the accounting tasks of your business so that you can focus on other aspects of your business? You must be willing to put your stakes in a company that offers all-encompassing bookkeeping services. You don’t need to look for any other company for bookkeeping services in Perth WA when you have Kai. C Bookkeeping around!


With us, you find a team of professionals who would offer all-inclusive bookkeeping services in Joondalup and Perth, tailored to meet your business-specific needs, covering every aspect of bookkeeping, including data reconciliations, reconciliations, report generations, data migrations, invoice generation, and the likes. Besides, we also offer a comprehensive payroll management service, which is one of the most crucial aspects of any venture. Moreover, we do it in a perfect manner, which is why you are at peace of mind when you hire us.


All our professionals are highly qualified and have enough experience to guide you through rough financial weather, thus letting you focus more on other issues needed for business development.


Besides, we offer services at a reasonable cost maintaining utmost transparency, which is why most clients prefer hiring us every time they search for reliable and professional accounting services. So in a nutshell, when you put your stakes on us, you can be sure of being served by the best pros with some solid bookkeeping acumen!

  • Journal entry

  • Data reconciliations

  • Bank reconciliations

  • Set up of new accounting software

  • Data migration

  • Maintain chart of accounts

  • Maintain fixed asset registers

  • Maintain email accounts

  • Report generating

  • Generate invoices

  • Matching receipts

  • Debtor collection

  • Managing inventory accounts

  • Expense management, including updating supplier invoices, expense and petty cash claims

  • Expense reconciliation

  • Maintain petty cash claims

  • Set up new employees

  • Issuing of payslips

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